To study in Australia for longer than 3 months, all international students must have a student visa.

Enrolling to a course through our agency, we will help you with entire process and your visa will be lodged by a Registered Migration Agent. There is much more to it than just filling an online form. Before lodging your visa we will check with you all the important points to make sure you get your visa with minimal hassle and that you don’t compromise your future chances for any other Australian visa by omitting any relevant information or lodging your visa at a wrong time. We also help with writing your Genuine Temporary Entrant statement.

The requirements for student visa depend on a nationality of student and the chosen course, but generally are:

  • being accepted on a full-time course (which is on CRICOS),
  • meeting genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirements,
  • meeting financial requirements,
  • meeting health requirements,
  • having health insurance for the duration of student visa,
  • meeting English language requirements,
  • being able to provide previous academic record and history,
  • meeting character requirements.

If you are concerned by any of these requirements, we are happy to discuss these with you in detail.

Here are some important points regarding student visa:

  • Student visa allows to work 40 hours per fortnight, there is no limit during school breaks.
  • It is possible to have a partner (married or de-facto, including same-sex) on a student visa. The work limitation for partner is 40 hours per fortnight for entire duration of visa. Work limitation does not apply to partners of students who undertake Master (research) or PhD courses.
    Be sure to talk to us if you are planning to add your partner or dependants on your student visa. You will need to prove the relationship and present extra documents. We can help you with this process, guide you through the requirements and review your documents prior applying.
  • The current student visa fees can be found on DoHA website. Please note that when applying for 2nd temporary visa while being in Australia, there is an additional charge of $700 per applicant.

Our service with student visa

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