Visafy Temporary Graduate
If you are serious about studying and would like to stay in Australia longer, Temporary Graduate 485 visa path is a great option. This visa allows you to temporarily stay in Australia upon completion of appropriate studies - 1.5 to 4 years, depending on studies undertaken. During this time there are no work or other limitations, so for many this is a time to work their way to permanent residency or sponsorship.
Generally you need to undertake degree level studies to qualify for 485 visa. University tuition fees can be high and this is the main reason many students don’t seriously consider 485 visa pathway. However in past years some other Education Providers have been approved to award appropriate degrees. Their fees are often less. Also it is worth noting that there is no work limit for partners of students who are studying at Masters or PhD level. All in all, while the initial cost of degree level study is higher, it might be a much better option than choosing cheaper studies at certificate or diploma level.
If you haven't started your studies yet, make sure to talk to us first. To be eligible for 485 visa upon completion of studies, there are many conditions that have to be met. Miss one and the opportunity is gone. We specialize in creating those visa pathways and can help you with entire process.

If you have recently (within 6 months) graduated, contact us to see if you are eligible for Temporary Graduate visa. If you are eligible, we can help you with both lodgement of visa and skills assessment (if required).


There are 2 streams of Temporary Graduate (485) visas:
  1. The Post-Study Work visa stream allows students with eligible qualification to stay and work in Australia for up to 4 years. For this visa stream Skills Assessment is not required, as long as the studies are at least on Bachelor level and meet 2 years study requirement. Only students who have not held Australian student visa prior to 5/11/2011 are eligible to apply for Post-Study Work stream.
    Visa duration depends on the qualification completed and is:
    Bachelor degree - 2 years
    Masters degree - 3 years
    Doctorate - 4 years

  2. The Graduate Work stream is for international students who have completed qualifications that match or are closely related to occupation on the SOL (Skilled Occupations List) and have received (or are able to receive) a relevant positive skills assessment. The length of the visa is 18 months. It is sufficient to have a diploma level study as long as you are still able to meet Skills Assessment criteria.
The general requirements of Graduate Temporary visa are:
  • meet the two-year Australian study requirement
  • have undertaken appropriate studies at either University or other approved Australian Education Provider
  • meet the English language requirement
  • be in Australia when applying
  • apply within 6 months of graduating
If you would like to check if you are eligible for this visa or if the studies you are currently undertaking meet the requirement for 485 visa, please contact us.

Please also refer to Frequently Asked Questions.



I applied for 485 visa on my own, unfortunately made some mistake and it was refused :(. We were given 28 days to leave the country, I contacted Jarek to see if we can get another student visa, but instead he found a way to re-apply for my 485 visa! And we got it! Really thankful for him for all his help!

                   Marko & Liis (Estonia)




Jarek jest świetnym agentem, o profesjonalnym i bardzo dobrym podejściu do każdej sytuacji, w której znajduje się jego student. Agencja ułatwia życie w tym spaniałym miejscu. Agencja pomaga w wyborze kierunku rozwoju, poprzez zlozenie aplikacji wizowej oraz innych waznych rzeczach, o ktorych nie mielismy pojecia, np. Wybor najtanszego ubezpieczenia. Zadowoleni studenci bachelor of business :-)

                   Michał z Agą (Poland)




I planned to study accounting in Sydney. Jarek explained how graduate visa works and helped me choose a course that allows me to apply for this visa later on. It was not the cheapest option, but I want to stay in Australia once I finish my course so it makes sense. Appreciate the advice, thanks

                   Ari (Germany)



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