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The Temporary Skill Shortage visa (subclass 482 or called also TSS visa) allows employers to sponsor overseas workers to work in Australia in a skilled position. While finding an employer willing to sponsor someone without being in Australia is rather rare and limited to very specific occupations, once overseas worker has worked for a business in Australia (either on student, working holiday or some other visa) and proved valuable to the business, the opportunities present themselves much easier.
Depending on the nominated occupation, this visa is valid for either up to two years in the Short-term stream or four years in Medium-term stream. Also, minimum requirements for visa approval will depend on the stream of visa applied for.

The application for a Temporary Skill Shortage visa consists of 3 stages:


Stage 1: Sponsorship Application

This stage establishes that employer is legally operating business in Australia and can be approved as a Business Sponsor. Once approved, employer is eligible to nominate position for overseas worker. During this stage following will need to be proved: 

  • The sponsor is a lawful and active business 
  • The sponsor is able to meet financial requirements

In some limited circumstances also business which is not operating in Australia might apply for approval as a Business Sponsor and later nominate position and sponsor foreign employee in Australia.

Stage 2: Nomination Application

During this stage employer must nominate a genuine position within their business which they intend to fill by an overseas worker. For this stage various requirements must be met:

  • position must be listed on relevant Temporary Skill Shortage visa Skilled Occupation List
  • salary of the overseas worker in the nominated position must be at the level of at least $53,9000 plus superannuation and must be within the market rate for the nominated position
  • employer must demonstrate that they have tested the labour market (advertised for job) and they were not able to find suitable local employees for nominated position
  • employer will need to pay training levy to Skilling Australians Fund, which depends on the number of years for which visa is required and the size of business (turnover)


Stage 3: Visa Application

The last stage is the visa application by overseas worker, who must meet the following:

  • have relevant skills - qualifications and/or work experience - that match or are closely related those required for the nominated position. Skills assessment by a relevant authority may be required
  • have at least two years of full-time work experience (in some cases part-time can be considered) in nominated occupation (or a related field)
  • meet any mandatory licensing, registration or professional membership requirements
  • have the required level of English proficiency (minimum level of English depends of the chosen stream, but it will be minimum IELTS 5 or equivalent)
  • have made arrangements for suitable health insurance
  • meet general character and health requirements for the visa
  • genuinely intend to work in the nominated position

Applying for a sponsorship visa may seem an overwhelmingly complex and detailed process at first. With right guidance and assistance the visa can be granted rather easily and quickly. At Visafy we have a step-by-step process in place to ensure the success of the sponsorship application. We are happy to assist you.

If you wish to work in Australia and have not been able to find a business that would sponsor you, there might be other options within Skilled Regional or State nomination scheme. Read more about skilled migration.



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